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We hope you will find our resources helpful in selecting your lubrication needs. Our primary focus is lubrication for Marine applications. Marine power plants require special consideration, as they are always under load and operate at a higher rpm than their automotive counterparts.

Why run Synthetic?
After running and losing a few performance flat tappet camshafts in a jet boat, I began investigating what the causes could be. This led me to the start the questioning oil.
Up to that time I had not really ever thought too much about what the differences may be in oil, much less synthetic oil. Come to find out the motor oil that everyone takes for granted was being modified due to regulatory actions driven by the EPA. Seems the removal of Zinc and Phosphorus compounds have killed our oil. One more reason that the auto manufacturers have gone to roller cams some time ago. Roller cams are great, but there are still many reasons to run flat tappet cams and it is difficult to make them live these days. Who wants to tear down an marine or car engine just because the oil has changed?

Marine engines operate under special circumstances, especially hard circumstances! A marine power plant never gets to coast down a hill, never gets to draft behind a vehicle. It is as if they are always in first gear going up hill pulling a load! That is why they need extra attention. The oil in the pan can reach critical temperatures that conventional oil can't stand up to. My own experience monitoring my oil temp shows 240 degrees after a 1/2 throttle run for 10 minutes. Wow!! When I changed to synthetic trying the same test, the temp went down 10-15 degrees. Not a controlled experiment but I was happy with the results. The extra temperature capabilities of synthetic AMSOIL is nice to have!

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